Please keep ALL identifying information off of your file name and document as we do blind reads with the exception of spoken word audio and video. Each write should be titled or have a nickname. Send a Word document. We will ask for a bio confirmation, photo etc. only after acceptance. Remember any Dipity online features are eligible to be put in print in the future. Follow the submission guidelines here and DO NOT email your submissions. If you do not follow the guidelines, your submission will be declined. The first time to submit to Dipity for just one bucket category is FREE, any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th submissions face a reading fee. Fees are non-refundable. Withdraw your submission immediately if accepted elsewhere. Anything outside of 4-6 months assume it was not accepted. Our challenges, spoken word subs, contests and a few other prompts have separate reading and processing fees.  After an acceptance message it can vary, taking anywhere from a few days or up to 9 weeks or a tad longer to publish online, but you will receive a publication announcement notice absolutely. P.S. If you ever see a sub category suddenly vanish such as general poetry it is because we've hit a capacity cap or are in the process of churning through a backlog of subs and we encourage you to check back later in the month or to submit to our challenges instead. Thanks so much for considering Dipity as a home for your work! P.S. If you have more questions or prefer to chat instead of email, feel free to join our new dipity community Discord rooms here dipity Discord channel Q&A access and we'll have, book recs, more updates, and random fun there eventually too! You can use the mobile or desktop version of Discord. 

For nearly the past two years we haven't charged for submitting to the community podcasts hosted by Vevna Forrow, however that's sadly no longer a viable structure. We are starting NEW video submissions at dipity! Please bare with us as we're just starting the new video format. If you haven't yet, listen to the Hummingbird Blink podcast on Spotify we've got over 100 episodes, but not all have poet spotlight interviews and we have just recently started Moon Milk which format is changing. We're going to try this on both podcasts going forwards. While the podcasts will remain free to listen to, we will only be charging a sub fee for our podcasts. The podcasts are 100% free to listen to though. 

1. Record yourself on your phone in video portrait mode or use your PC's built-in cam, the long horizontal sideways way not vertical or we may not be able to use your submission. 

2. State your name and say Welcome to the [just the name of the podcast you're submitting to]. If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community we'll place it on the Moon Milk podcast, otherwise it will be placed on the Hummingbird Blink: Nectar Poetry podcast. 

3. State the title of the unpublished poem and then read the poem. 

4. After the poem we want you state why you wrote it briefly or the story of it to you in terms of meaning. 

5. You're welcome to share where others can grab more of your work, and publications or follow you on social media. Share fun facts or any information about yourself only as much as you're comfortable with. 

6. At the end of your recording please share your favorite song + artist in existence for others. You can state a thank you for listening or closing message too.

7. To process these as many as possible we won't be putting custom podcast cover collage art as the video exists for others to see you. The recording should be no more than a maximum of up to 5-15 minutes and ONE POEM of any length. The poem must now be previously unpublished for our podcast calls.

OR if you don't like video, then we recommend submitting only audio files following the same instructions.

We are starting a BRAND new spoken word channel on music streaming platforms for Dipity Literary Magazine to accompany our podcasts. We recommend you listen to examples of a few spoken word artists if it's your first time tackling spoken word audio.

A. This will mean we will generate an artist publication profile.

B. Your submission fee will cover processing, and publication if accepted and be distributed on platforms such as Spotify etc. 

C. Your audio can contain up to three poems. Please state the title of the poem. Then read it. OR You can read one poem and discuss the backstory of it after reading it in your recording.

I will be reading my poem [title]. This next poem id [title] My last poem is [title] Do NOT state your name.

D. Your audio must be a single file recording and be at least 3-5 minutes long for publication not under that and cannot exceed 6 minutes. 

E. Please attach 3-4 photos of yourself for us to pick from. If you prefer not having a photo then we'll simply use photography from our team or a titling dipity styled single cover for the spoken word soundtrack. Attach a Word.doc copy of your poetry read and the titles of each one.


S. MICHAUD @syd.notes is a poet based out of London. 


Shanon Sitzler @whuteversclever 


Ofelia K @ofeliakmusic


Carrie Ingraham @ingebar_music


The fave poem will be awarded $50 via PayPal after 30-60 days of closure from each round. The featured musician, artists or bands to listen to for the month Instagram handles can be found at and below. First time subs are free.

You may create one poem inspired by one of the featured artists songs (any of them not all are shown above so dig through their artists profiles on YouTube and especially  SoundCloud - you can pick an older song release absolutely. We may close challenges at any time depending upon capacity. This challenge may close within 30 days or be extended until challenge subs are capped. We are featuring @ofeliakmusic, @syd.notes S.MICHAUD, @whuteversclever and you'll welcome to still submit poetry inspired by the past round @ingebar_music, if you do so we prefer its one that has yet to have a lot of inspo pieces done already, but you can truly choose any song still. Visit their SoundCloud and YouTube profiles and select a song. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, or subscribe to their channels to stay in the loop on their releases too!

  • Write up to 3 poems any style about the same or different antiques in your location, those you've personally acquired, fave passed down collections e.g. radios, typewriters, vintage baseball card, necklace, a rare book or a family heirloom that you hold in your heart,. 
  • Title or nickname each poem.
  • Each poem should have a brief backstory paragraph on a separate page about 5-8 sentences. Discuss what it means to you, how you acquired it, the year or age. Provide as many details as you're comfortable with sharing.
  • Each antique or item should have a few photos that you've taken yourself to choose from in the event we select it for print issues, online, or both. The photos should NOT include you in them as we only ask for profile photos after acceptance in dipity's new ANTIQUE ROADSHIP series. 
  • While we may accept collective antique writes meaning antique items you come onto contact with and learn about the personal family or friend history behind the antique, we are looking for poems that focus on 1 specific item e.g. 1975 GE Toaster.

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