1st time SUBS are FREE NOW as of 9/29/2023 to the category and after that it ranges between $5-$8 dollars for 2nd, 3rd, 4th,  excluding some of our submission opportunities (examine each category form checkbox). We sometimes offer and enable a TOMORROW PEOPLE ticket $11 option on certain categories for receiving an expedited SPEEDRACER decision from our editor within 5-7 days. All fees are non-refundable and go towards future community projects and help with dipity's maintenance expenses.

Please keep ALL identifying information off of your file name and document as we do blind reads with the exception of interviews, spoken word audio, and video. Each write should be titled or have a nickname. Send a Word document. We will ask for a bio confirmation, photo etc. only after acceptance. Remember any Dipity online features are eligible to be put in print in the future. Follow the submission guidelines as you scroll down here https://www.dipitylitmag.com/submit and DO NOT email your submissions. And do not send submissions exceeding the total amount of poems or short stories allotted to be reviewed at once. 

If you do not follow the guidelines, your submission will be declined. The first time to submit to Dipity for just one bucket category is FREE, any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th submissions face a reading fee. Fees are non-refundable. Withdraw your submission immediately if accepted elsewhere. Anything outside of 3-4 months assume it was not accepted in the rare event that you don't see a message from us, however, we do send acceptance and rejection or decision letters back to everyone via Submittable but sometimes messages are missed or end up elsewhere so always check your Submittable sub status box and account directly too. After an acceptance message it can vary, taking anywhere from a few days or up to 9 weeks or a tad longer to publish online, but you will receive a publication announcement notice absolutely. 

If you ever see a subcategory suddenly vanish such as general poetry it is because we've hit a capacity cap or are in the process of churning through a backlog of subs and we encourage you to check back later in the month or to submit to our challenges instead. Thanks so much for considering Dipity as a home for your work and please never stop writing or creating no matter what our decision is!  

P.S. To further support Dipity Literary Magazine and Dipity Press you can also donate through our Submittable tip jar, our site gift shoppe or at the bottom of our site page's GiveButter Fund. Thanks so much again for your support

Submit only one spoken word poem at a time. Our founder is no longer hosting episodes because we want to hear others more, so we are starting NEW video and audio submissions at dipity! Please bare with us as we're just starting the new video format option. If you haven't yet, listen to the Hummingbird Blink podcast on Spotify we've got over 100 episodes, but not all have poet spotlight interviews and we have just recently started Moon Milk which format is changing. We're going to try this on both podcasts to focus primarily on others poets voices. The podcasts are 100% free to listen to also. We recommend listening to some of our past interview episodes to get an idea of what we're looking for introduction-wise such as episodes no. 131, 129, 127, 126, 125, 124,113, 112, 111, 108, 107, 105 but remember your sub won't be in an interview format. If you're not comfortable with reading your own poetry, you may for a fee now have a member of team Dipity, usually the editor read your work ONLY if accepted and will provide additional feedback or commentary. We really would prefer poets read their own work though.

1. Record yourself on your phone in video portrait mode or use your PC's built-in cam, the long horizontal sideways way not vertical or we may not be able to use your submission. Video [Optional] most poets use the Voice Memo app on their phone to record just audio-based submissions.

2. Say hi, state your name, and say Welcome to the  [just the name of the podcast you're submitting to] podcast. If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community we'll place it on the Moon Milk podcast, otherwise it will be placed on the Hummingbird Blink: Nectar Poetry podcast. 

3. State for example "I'll be reading my poem" [the title of the poem] pause a few secs and then read the poem. ONLY these community podcasts and bonus shares sections allow previously published poems.

4. After the poem we want you to state why you wrote it briefly or the story of it to you in terms of meaning (OPTIONAL). 

5. You're totally welcome to share where others can grab more of your work, and upcoming publications or where to follow you on social media. Feel free to discuss what prompted you to start your poetry journey or why you love poetry too. Share fun facts or any information about yourself only as much as you're comfortable with. 

6. At the end of your recording please share your favorite song + artist in existence for others or share your favorite movie. You can state a thank you for listening or closing message too.

7.  The recording should be no more than a maximum of up to or within 5-15 minutes and ONE POEM of any length. The poem can be previously published for our podcast calls. Please state where else your work if applicable was previously published, the year etc. if possible or page number if its from one of your poetry publications.

OR if you don't prefer video, then we recommend submitting only audio files following the same instructions

You are permitted to skip the backstory or behind the poem, but should still end your recording stating your favorite song and the artist/band or musician in existence for fun. Or if you can't choose a fave song or artist you can state one of your favorite movies or TV Shows in existence. Additionally, you may share a fave poetry collection that you love as well, and remember to share the author's name (spell out any names via individual letters) and include its publication year. Again a concluding thank for listening message is preferred for your audio or video submission.

Do note music will not be on these individual read episodes going forwards because we would like to distribute these beyond Spotify and out to Apple etc. However, we may add a visual video clip similar to our online features tank to accompany audio-only-based reads.

These are similar to our writer interviews but different from our digital and print magazine issues. These spotlights are not for spoken word, please see other submission opportunities and categories such as our podcasts. Do note all musicians, bands, and artists who submit to this are eligible to be placed in a future issue of Dipity Literary Magazine and you'll be contacted possibly about this or any other calls.  Attach your answers in a Word.doc. and attach photos separately. 

We welcome publication and interview Q&A features through our Substack subscribers. 

You must answer ALL of the following questions in order to be potentially considered and featured on dipity's Substack. A few sentences within 5-8 or more will suffice for the Q&A. We like to include some fun questions.

  1. What is your band or artist's name? Where are you located?
  2. What is the backstory behind your artist or band name or what does the name mean to you or signify? (Feel free to skip this if it's your real first or last name)
  3. How did you begin your journey into the world of music? and How long have you been in the music industry?
  4. What inspires you as an artist? or Give us some insight into your creative process if you'd like to share.
  5. What's your favorite song you've released? Why is it your fave song?
  6. What's an upcoming project or event(s) you're excited about? You're also welcome to share information about your latest release(s).
  7. We love to read and get inspired by lyrics. Share the title of a song and its lyrics of one of your favorite songs you've either written or released. What does this song mean to you? {Optional to answer why you wrote it or allow us to interpret its meaning).
  8. Lastly, What are your thoughts about the world of poetry? Are there any poets you're fans of to date or have any favorite poetry books or poems? Do you write poetry? or Have you written poetry? (Feel free to just answer the first one here or one or more). 
  9.  Who are some of your favorite artists and musicians that you listen to? or would like to give a shout-out to.
  10. Please attach 3-5 photos we can share and credit the photographer(s). If there's more than one photographer list an identifying element i.e. nature photos by name etc. 
  11. What is your website or share any social media handles? Do you have a Substack URL? Share the platforms where others can find your work, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, etc. Links to your work.
  12.  If accepted, we'll ask for confirmation of a few more details such as a third-person intro. Thanks so much for submitting!

We welcome publication and interview Q&A first-person publication features through our Substack subscribers. 

You must answer ALL of the following questions in order to be potentially considered and featured on dipity's Substack. A few sentences within 5-8 will suffice for the Q&A. We like to include some fun questions.

  1. What is your pen name or author name?
  2. Where are you located in the world?
  3. Submit ONE unpublished poem OR just ONE short story 1-2.5 pages for consideration.  Do not submit both. We want to see previously unpublished poems, but you may share only a previously published short or flash fiction piece letting us know where else it appeared. Please only share as much as you're comfortable with publicly sharing through our Substack newsletter if accepted.
  4. Submit the backstory of that poem or short story within at least within 5-8 sentences. 
  5. When did you begin writing? or What or who sparked and inspired your writing journey? 5-8 sentences
  6. Where can others find more of your work or what are some of your fave publications - please provide at least a few links? Max of 3
  7. What advice would you give aspiring poets, authors, or fellow writers in the community?
  8. What else do you do outside of the writing or poetry community? or What else are you working on or excited about in the future? Any fun hobbies?
  9. What are you currently reading? OR What book would you recommend to others right now? -  it doesn't have to be poetry or a collection....
  10. What was the last movie or TV show you watched or recommend others see in the community?
  11. What was your most recent publication?
  12. Which poets, artists, or writers inspire you? 
  13. If you were stuck on the moon with anyone or could pick your space flight partner who would it be —  it could be someone from the past or present time? OR You can answer: If you had the opportunity to portray any book character in the world and star in a movie adaptation of their life's story who would you choose? Please share the character name, book title, and author of the book.
  14. What's one of your favorite poems in existence? Provide 1 poem by another poet just the title and author name.
  15. What is your website or share any social media handles? Do you have a Substack URL?

We will pair one or a few songs at the bottom of the spotlight. Feel free to give link suggestions or names from YouTube. No guarantees we'll use your song preferences.

Note we will also accept audio reads on our Substack so you're welcome to upload audio to your poem stating the title and reading it. Do remember we also have our podcast audio or video submissions. If you don't provide an optional audio read file then a member of team dipity may read and record audio to the Substack pub on behalf of you sometimes - we are not always able to though.


Multiple chapbook submission entries are permitted in each window. Your chapbook(s) must be themed or have a distinct singular focus e.g. flower species, birds, movies, love, heartbreak, queer love, food, grief, environmental impact, horror, sci-fi. Please leave your name off of the document file name and DO NOT include it inside the document anywhere. Each chapbook submission must contain a minimum and maximum of 21 poems and must be 25 pages in the total including a title page, author page 5-8 sentences in third person (only after acceptance) leave it blank with BIO PAGE HERE, and table of contents, an acknowledgments page is optional; in a Word.doc. Each on their own page. We'll resize the font and style so no worries, but ensure we can read the font e.g. Times New Roman.  Please only put your cover letter and chapbook description(s) in the Submittable form box.

No previously published poems Read our Submit FAQ page too. Each poem should fit on one page. 

We DO NOT accept Ai generated art or work.

REMEMBER that our chapbooks will not be 8.5 x 11 and closer to approximately an A5 (5.83 x 8.27) saddle stitch booklet so your poems must fit this much smaller A5 page size therefore within or way under 30 lines single-spaced including line breaks would be ideal. 

While you can submit your poems on an 8.5 x 11 Word.doc, chapbook submissions that consist of poetry that fits the size limitations will only be considered. We will choose the font style and standard size for it so no worries there.

All submission processing and reading fees are non-refundable.


Page 1. Title Page - Title Only [Do NOT Include Your Name] 

Page 2. Author About Page - Third Person [Leave Blank We'll Ask for this After or You Should Input it in Your Submittable Cover Letter Form Section Instead ] Followed by Your Chapbook Title(s) or About Collection Description(s)

Page 3. Acknowledgments or Dedications Page 

Page 4. Table of Contents 

Pages 5 - 25 [ For 21 Poems Minimum & Maximum] Each poem must be titled

Page 26 - leave blank - dipity press + author copyright page

We will choose one or more chapbook manuscripts for each open window. The winner(s) for these will receive:

  • 5 chapbook print copies minimum and publication as payment instead within 3-4 months after acceptance.  [We cannot gauge or guarantee monetary amounts at this time but may in the future if enough submission interest is generated or seen for Dipity Press's existence may be able to]. Royalties nowadays are tough to maintain for small presses therefore we believe a donation-based page to support each accepted poet's chapbook would be better suited along with other forms of payment e.g. physical copies as payment. As time goes on, Dipity Press may be able to facilitate cash prizes and bump up the number of physical print copies.
  • All selected poets will receive the opportunity and be invited to create a spoken word artist profile and soundtrack for the dipity.productions channel [optional] and this poem does not at all have to be one from your chapbook rather it can be a longer length poem 3-5 minute read but must be previously unpublished as well or inspired by your chapbook sub. Follow us on Spotify or your preferred streaming channel.
  • An Amazon listing + digital listing in our site shop [Digital PDF File]
  • You retain 100% rights to your work and can include these poems in new or future publications and all that we ask is that you acknowledge Dipity Press as the first publication appearance followed by the year.
  • You will receive a signage agreement over these terms if selected.
  • Those selected will be able to create their own donation account which we will link to a direct donate beneficiary unlisted campaign for your chapbook on our website  [ we are creating a new donate to poet chapbook page space to direct traffic towards to support poets further long-term]. Readers and visitors of the Dipity Press chapbooks series will be able to donate to your publication.
  • This is open to poets of all ages and international and we are not accepting translations at this time. We do not integrate art into the interior at this time.
  • All sub fees and purchases of your chapbook go towards helping maintain dipity, fund contests, and     future literary arts community projects or initiatives such as saving towards paying writers, promoting work, website maintenance fees, and our operation expenses since we do not have any significant funding at this time.
  • Each accepted chapbook will receive a collage-based cover design. In the future we may invite artists from the community to contribute to cover designs as well. 
  • Selected chapbooks receive promotion through the shared dipitylitmag and press social media channels such as Threads etc. and our Substack.

The Dipity Press chapbook subs will be judged by Vevna Forrow and volunteer staff readers will aid in eliminating any chapbooks that do not comply with guidelines or are not what we were looking for etc. 

We may close this window early in the event of reaching caps or an extremely high submission volume OR may extend it if there are not enough subs in the window. Thank you so much in advance for considering us as a home for your work!

Follow dipity. productions on Spotify. Here are previously unpublished examples on YouTube Music of what we're looking for and what'll it look like:



We are starting a BRAND new spoken word community publication channel on music streaming platforms for Dipity Literary Magazine. We recommend you listen to examples of a few spoken word artists if it's your first time tackling spoken word audio single or album tracks as well as the sample above.

A. This will mean we will generate an artist publication profile if you don't already have one on YT, possibly Spotify etc.that you can claim.

B. We will as of 11/14/2023 now cover one-time processing, and publication if accepted and be distributed on platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, iHeart, Tidal etc. 

C. Your audio can contain up to three previously unpublished poems, although one poem like our existing examples is preferred.  You can read one poem and discuss the backstory of it after reading it in your recording to meet the length requirement. If you are only reading one poem please DO STATE the title initially at the start with a few seconds pause then read. If your poem is longer in length then, you may totally not need to say the backstory to reach the 3-5 minute requirement. We welcome creativity if you want to add sound effects like you closing the door or ripping up newspaper pages at the end or start of your audio recording go for it. 

I will be reading my poem [title]. This next poem is [title] or called [....] My last poem is called [title] Do NOT state your name as it'll be on the cover art if selected and written ownership fields.

D. Your audio must be a single file recording and be at least 3-5 minutes long for publication not under that and cannot exceed 5 minutes, but be closer to 5 overall for successful categorization acceptance. 

E. Please attach 3-4 photos of yourself for us to pick from. If you prefer not having a photo then we'll simply use something else for a single cover for the spoken word soundtrack. Attach a Word.doc copy of your poetry read and the titles of each one. 

Please note we are not able to give royalty artist payouts to writers, but any generation from our channels will go towards our maintenance expenses, project funds as well as keeping dipity up and running and working towards paying writers for their poetry submissions in print and online. You however retain 100% publication rights over your written words (lyrics) and spoken poetry. You can claim your artist profile too separate from dipity. Please let us if you already have a spoken word or artist profile out on music streaming channels otherwise we'll help generate one on your behalf. 




See past winners here or listen to our first round as an example episode no. 128 on the Hummingbird Blink Nectar Poetry podcast. Our editor does share acceptances with the musicians, artists or bands too!


Isla Rose @islarosemusic 


Babes In Canyon  @babesincanyon 


Emily Magpie  @emilymagpieyeah


Lyrah @lyrah


The fave poem will be awarded $50 via PayPal after 30-60 days of closure from each round. The featured musician, artists, or bands to listen to for the month In. First-time subs are free.

 You may create ONE poem inspired by one of the featured artists' songs (any of their releases not all are shown above so dig through their artists profiles on YouTube, Spotify, and especially  SoundCloud - you can pick an older song release absolutely. We may close challenges at any time depending upon capacity. This challenge may close within 30 days or be extended until challenge subs are capped.  Visit their SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube profiles and select a song. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, or subscribe to their channels to stay in the loop on their releases too!